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Wild Wave Wednesday…and Thursday :-)

I know I’ve posted many pictures in the past of the wave action on the Northeast Avalon area but I couldn’t resist sharing these few as well. According to forecasts, this past week saw a slow-moving low pressure system off our coast resulting in very large waves. So naturally I took a dart down to Middle Cove and surrounding areas for a look. As I was driving there I could see the mist from the ocean hanging over the area. That’s how I knew it was going to be big!

***Don’t forget to click on the individual pictures for a better view.***

Wednesday Photos:

Thursday Photos:

Here’s a little video of the wave action!

In case you’re wondering, the ocean really did look like this aquamarine colour. It was spectacular! There were times that the waves were crashing so hard you could almost feel the vibrations in your chest. It’s hard to tell how impressive it was just by looking at these pictures. It’s something to experience in person, that’s for sure. Makes you realize that you’re just a speck on the planet.

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