Winter Turns to Spring…Eventually

What’s up with the weather lately? It seems like the last few weeks Mother Nature can’t make up her mind about what season we should be in: Winter or Spring! There have been a few great days where it’s warm, by Newfoundland’s standards, sunny and just an overall feeling that Winter is finally behind us. Then Mudder throws us a curve ball and I’m digging around the closet for winter boots and gloves. We are getting a forecast where it’s snow, freezing rain and rain in that order all in a 24 hour period. And it’s not over yet! Maybe we should have a new season and call it “Sprinter”. Although, I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. Taking a trot around the yard over the last few weeks leaves me feeling optimistic. Much of the snow is gone, some trees are starting to bud and my Bleeding Heart is poking it’s way up through the frosty ground. Overall, I’d say we’ve fared well this past winter, let’s hope the trend continues and it leads us into a magnificent spring and summer. A girl can dream can’t she? In the meantime here are a few snaps I took during the last few months.


The Battery, taken on a frosty night a few months ago…


…and the buzzing metropolis, St. John’s



I know I’ve posted many pictures of snowflakes in previous blogs but I never get tired of photographing them. So much beauty in every one.











Earlier this year I saw a video on Facebook where people were shoving their faces in the snow and leaving imprints. So, like a fool, I had to try it too. We just had a big dump of snow and it was piled nice and high on the hood of the car. I got dressed, went out and started randomly face-planting in the snow on the car. Here’s the result, sort of like a 3D image and boy was it cold on the face! Hope the neighbors weren’t watching, lol.



I took this one around Valentine’s Day. Kind of reminded me of a heart.





Of course, St. Patrick’s Day was a blast as usual. Food, fun and foolishness! A few randoms taken with my phone.







Again with the Blue Jays! No matter the weather, you’ll always find a few of these scavenging.







For most of the winter Whiskers lazes about napping and eating all day long, what a life! The last few weeks, though, she’s getting the itch to go outside again. She knows it’s starting to warm up. I’m always wary of letting her out these days because she’s quite old. How old you ask? We aren’t really sure. We found her hanging around our door in the Goulds about 2000 or 2001 and she wasn’t a kitten then. So I guess she’s about 18 or so. She’s lived a long and happy life so far with many more years to come, hopefully.









Clouds and the sky are some of my favorite things to photograph. Here are a few I took recently.





I’m especially proud of this one! It was recently shown on the Weather Network and CBC News Morning during a weather segment, I guess because of the unusual cloud formation after a rainstorm we had recently. They are known as mammatus clouds. Many people have had their pictures shown on those programs but it’s extra special when it’s your own.



You’re never too old to decorate Easter eggs. Easter was always a special time growing up. Once Ash Wednesday came it seemed like it took forever for Easter to arrive. 40 days is a long time to a little kid. Dad would always tell the story about if you get up on Easter Sunday morning you’d see the sun “dancing” in the sky at sunrise. I always had this image in my mind of what that would look like. Unfortunately I never saw it dancing for several reasons. One being the fact that it rose too early for me to get up and see.  Secondly, it was usually overcast anyway. Thankfully, I still have that picture in my mind that I can revisit any time!







There are signs of spring everywhere. We just have to know where to look!







Dreaming of warm summer days!












I hope you enjoyed my snaps! And, over the next little while when you’re listening to Snodden or Sheerr give out the forecast, don’t fret for it won’t be long until we are sitting on our decks and patios sipping on a cool beverage, enjoying the sunset and swatting away the mosquitoes. We just need a little patience.


Until Next Time,




  1. Your pictures are fantastic as usual ! I especially liked the one where you face planted in the snow —– reminded me of ultrasound pics that people take of their babies when they are pregnant . Cool !! Certainly all the pictures are beautiful .

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