I remember the time way back in late December 2019 when we were all preparing for the new year and what 2020 had in store for us: a new decade, a fresh start, turning over a new leaf! Then God laughed…

Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, COVID-19, Social Distancing, Presumptive Cases, Self Isolation – just a few of the buzzwords that we’ve encountered endured over the first few months of this shiny new year and it’s only just begun! At this point I’m just waiting for the swarm of locusts to descend.

I don’t know about you but I’ve already had quite a few sleepless nights worrying about all this going on right now. I worry about my family, my friends at work, the school year not getting finished, the economy, the country, the world. These first few days harkens back to the good ol’ days in January when we were under the state of emergency and were under orders to stay home. John was and is again sitting at the dining room table working from home and Charlotte was and is again chilling on the couch with Whiskers, a blanket and The Office on Netflix. I’m wandering around from window to window seeing what’s on the go, only this time there isn’t any snow falling. But that doesn’t make it any less dramatic. At least back then we could see the enemy and knew there had to be an end to it somewhere. Wish I could say the same for COVID-19.

And toilet paper??? What’s the deal with that? The only reason I can see for people to be hoarding it is if they’re expecting to be holed up for a long while in quarantine or something. I was embarrassed when I had to go to the grocery store the other day and buy some because we were legitimately running low. I felt like we were being judged, walking down the grocery aisle while people chanted “Shame” “Shame” “Shame”. Then when we got home I felt the need to give a small demonstration on proper TP usage, like how much is too much. Well, lets just say, you’re not a mummy and you’re not preparing for the afterlife. Enough said!

The biggest heartbreak of all is that the price of gas these days is well below a dollar and nobody has anywhere to go, sad. Last time I recall gas being this cheap was back when Noel’s Gas Bar in Carbonear was advertising their prices at 59.9 cents a litre; when everyone else’s prices were going up theirs remained the same. I remember that being advertised on the radio!

I haven’t spent much time behind the camera these last few months. Every now and again I go through a drought where I find it difficult to get inspired enough to take a snap. There have been a few things, however, that caught my eye. Here are a few of them!




The bubble snaps were taken outdoors on an unusually calm night. It was the night before the start of Snowmageddon.

View from my front door at the height of the storm.









































































“A new day is dawning for all those who weep.” Although it may not seem like it right now there are brighter days ahead. After all, today is the first official day of spring, a day we thought would never come! Stay safe my friends. And a little message from me and the Georgia Satellites “Keep Your Hands to Yourself”!


Until Next Time!




  1. Fantastic as usual , Andrea ! And I add to your quote “”May our tears (or fears) be turned into dancing ! Stay safe and well !

  2. I can remember when gas crept over 60, and hearing people saying it’ll go above a dollar one day. And back in 96 it dropped to 47 and I filled up my truck for the first time. (I had it for 2 yrs) lol. Living on 5.50/hr. Great pics Andrea, thanks for the timeout it provides us in a world of bad news as of late. We all need to take a deep breath and relax. (Mask optional) lol

  3. Wonderful Andrea!
    I always look forward to seeing your pictures and reading your thoughts! This always brightens my day!

    Stay safe

  4. You are such a beautiful writer and photographer! So well said, so well shown. Thank you.

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