All Things Bright and Beautiful

It’s funny when I think back on the past summer and how quickly it came and went. We had a hard winter and everyone was sure it was a sign that we would have a great summer and fall. Surely, Mother Nature wouldn’t be so cruel as to deny us that much...scrap all that. Here I am again writing another blog about how fast summer went, talking about what a great fall it’s been so far, hoping for a good winter, blah, blah blah! As I sit here trying to come up with something new and fresh to talk about I realize it’s all been said before; if not by me then someone else: a friend, neighbour, TV, the World Wide Web.

2020 has been “crap on a cracker” for the most part. Mega blizzards, COVID outbreaks, lock downs, travel restrictions, and on it goes. We’ve been relatively lucky here in Newfoundland & Labrador as we have not been ravaged by the pandemic like other provinces in Canada or countries throughout the world have been. Yet, I still feel like we are in some sort of suspended animation, everything on hold until COVID is banished. It’s frustrating. In the meantime we all long to take that vacation to Florida, the cruise to the Caribbean, the trip to see family and friends back home, plan the big wedding, go shopping without a mask. Many of us are suffering from COVID fatigue, not being able to enjoy the things we once could; longing to have a normal life again. BUT, I challenge you to scroll through the pictures on your phone or camera or think back over the last little while. What do you see? Maybe you went to Cape Spear to check out the lighthouse. Maybe you went on a boat tour and saw some whales. Maybe you went to the Dildo Brewery with your bubble and enjoyed a few sociables. Maybe you went on your side by side and had a boil up on Glover Road. Maybe you had a backyard fire. Maybe you learned how to drive. Maybe you went on a road trip up the southern shore. Maybe you picked berries or learned about gardening and growing vegetables or maybe jigged cod for the first time! You get my point. What seems like little things are often the big things especially if it allows you to spend time with family and make memories. Speaking of which, here are some of the little big things I remember from the last few months!

*Don’t forget to click on the images in the galleries to enlarge them and get the full effect. 🙂

This beauty is my niece Emily. She graduated from high school this year, in the middle of a pandemic. Not likely she’ll forget that experience any time soon!

What seems like little things are often the big things…

“2020 – the year of perfect vision. Focus on the good.” I saw that quote on a friend’s Facebook profile and thought it was perfect. Although this has been a year we won’t soon forget, lets make sure we remember it for all the right reasons and be kind, ALWAYS.

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  1. Wow! You are so right, Andrea. It’s too easy to get ourselves down in the troughs of negative news, and fail to look up and see all the good things that always happen around us.
    Thank you!
    Beautiful photos, too.

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