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People say that the only thing we MUST do in life is pay taxes and die, the rest is optional. I firmly disagree. In addition to death and taxes we must also live, laugh and love, otherwise what’s the point? I recall many years ago one of my aunts wearing a gold chain and pendant with those 3 simple words etched on it and it really stuck with me over the years. In fact many years later she gave me this beautiful picture that contained the saying.

*** As an aside, we just passed the tax deadline so get cracking crunching those numbers! ***

To say it’s been a trying few months is an understatement. There hasn’t been a whole lot of motivation to get out and get snapping. I think everyone is in the same mindset that at this point in 2021 we would be looking at the pandemic in the rear view mirror. Unfortunately, it is not to be just yet! So, we must continue on with the new normal for a little while longer and try to find new ways of doing old things. That being said I’m not a cold weather girl so winter months can be especially difficult for me to get out and find things that “spark joy” and make me want to photograph them. I did manage to capture a few things, however. 🙂 Here’s how I saw the world over the last few months. Don’t forget that you can click on most of the pictures to expand them!

The next few pictures are something I like to call bubble magic. Basically, it’s dish detergent, corn syrup and water mixed together. You need a cold and windless day to create these beauties.

This cute little guy made an appearance on the slipway down in Quidi Vidi. He would come and go for days, much to the delight of photographers and visitors to the area.

Of course what good is my blog if there aren’t any pictures of birds?

Those white streaks moving across the sky in a couple of the following photos? That’s the International Space Station. It boggles the mind knowing there’s a full crew of people in that spacecraft flying around up there orbiting the globe.

Back in late March we took a drive out to Cape Spear for a look. We’ve been there many times and it’s just as beautiful and breathtaking as the last time we visited. I’ve seen waves much higher than they were that day but still dangerous all the same. Look, I completely understand the draw of the ocean, the waves, the sound, the smell of the salt water, the power. It’s often hard to resist the urge to get as close as possible. I get it, it calls to us! BUT, we’ve heard and read about too many tragedies over the years of people being swept out to sea. That’s why I was deeply troubled by these three fools who were waaaaay off the path and down near the oceans edge, waves crashing all around them. They clearly weren’t dressed for the occasion. It was sunny but cool and all I could think about is what would happen if they got pulled in. Signs are posted everywhere about the dangers. Have a grain of sense and stay on the trail!

Who remembers the big ice storm of 1984? I do! I was at my cousin Cindy and Sharon’s house in Upper Island Cove, stranded there for a few days. Of course being a youngster at the time didn’t bring the burdens or worries of a major sleet storm and power outage that it would to the adults. Likely we played Yahtzee, Crazy 8’s, Steal the Old Man’s Bundle, and “Barbies” for hours. Every time we have forecasts of prolonged periods of freezing rain I have to admit I get a little bit excited.

Here’s a link that you might be interested in visiting, that reports the events of the major storm of 1984.

Last week I saw some of the freakiest clouds I’ve ever witnessed in my life! From what I’m told they’re called Undulatus Asperatus clouds. Whatever the name, they were pretty amazing.


Did you ever look at a tree that was bare and notice how all the branches look like veins and arteries of a heart diagram? That’s what I see when I look at this photo. Dad planted this tree and many others around the yard over the years.

Some dads are a lot like this tree: strong, mighty, larger than life, protecting, full of heart. Just a short while ago we lost another kind and caring dad who brought so much joy to me and many others over the years. He was a hilariously funny, hard working, kind and gentle man. He truly lived life passionately, made you laugh until your belly hurt and loved unconditionally. I can’t help but think of him when I look at this picture because he truly was the heart of the Peddle family and and his love for family was boundless. I was very lucky to be able to call him my father in law, Andrew.

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  1. Beautiful as usual . You do such a great job bringing out the beauty in the ordinary pictures and finding extraordinary beauty in others ! Those ” Bubble Magic ” photos are fantastic and I sure that seal was posing for you !!! Keep posting your blogs ! I love them !

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