Taking The Plunge

After much consideration and urging from a few people I finally took the plunge and created a Facebook page to share my photography. Big deal! Everybody and their dog got a Facebook page on the go, says you. Well yeah, it actually is a pretty big deal for me. Let me start off by unequivocally stating that I’m my own worst critic. I take a photo, make any minor adjustments like straightening the horizon, remove dirt spots, lighten or darken the photo, tweak it until it’s “perfect” in my mind. Then I spend way too much time determining where I’ll post it for everyone to see. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr – there are many social platforms literally at my fingertips upon which to post said photo. As often as I’ve contributed to these platforms I’m always scared to post a photo or blog or comment or anything for that matter for fear of negative feedback, criticism or causing offense to someone. You might be saying to yourself right now “Who cares what anyone thinks. She needs to grow a set. She needs thicker skin.” You’re right about all those things, except for growing a set. How you guys can walk around all day with those things is beyond me, but I digress! For years I had pictures squirreled away on my computer, rarely showing them to anyone except family and close friends. Then I decided to start my blog. That was a giant step for me. Putting myself out there like that was a risk that I finally had to take and I think it has paid off in many ways. If it brings one ounce of joy or temporary escape from the day to day goings on to someone then it was worth it!

In no way do I identify as a professional photographer but I like to think maybe I’m not an amateur either; just a person who takes pictures, a photographer. Am I opposed to selling my photos? No. Have I been compensated in the past for my work? Yes. Therein lies the problem. I don’t see my pictures as having a monetary value therefore I feel like a fake when people say that I should be selling my images. Maybe it was pure luck that the image I took came out the way it did. Why should I benefit from that? Have you ever heard of Imposter Syndrome? In a nutshell it is a person who doubts their skills and talents and have a persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud. I’m not looking for praise or sympathy or anything like that. I just feel that no matter how one presents themselves on line or in person it’s not always rainbows and unicorns behind the scenes.

Now, having said all that, guess what I did? I set up a page to start selling my photography! You can check it out at: https://andreaintorbay.artfunnels.com/ through Newfoundland Canvas. They do amazing high quality work and as an added bonus, they’re local. I will be adding new images to the gallery periodically so check back often to see what’s new!

Now we got all of that business out of the way it’s time for a few snaps. Take a look at what we’ve been up to during the last few months. Not a lot of colour to be seen but we still gotta try and make the best of what we have.

***** As always, you can click on the images to enlarge them. *****

If you’ve managed to make it this far, thank you! Hope you’ve enjoyed my latest snaps. If so, please leave a comment or give the blog a “like”.

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  1. I love them all as they “take me Home”. That pigeon looks froze da det – but his feathers are so colourful! And I zoomed in on Winsome’s eye and I could just about make out the reflection of you taking his picture. Keep doing what makes you happy my Friend – you certainly have an eye for it. 🙂

    1. Beautiful as usual ,Andrea . Congrats on branching out ! Your pictures are amazing .I especially loved the ones of the horses..

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