Winter Blues

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs you’ll notice a theme: winter isn’t really my thing. I just can’t stand it. Barred in the house, drinking tea, looking out the window and wondering when I’ll see the first sign of spring. I’ve heard lots of people say that you need to dress for the weather. Yes now, I’m going to bundle up like a sasquatch and as soon as I walk out the front door the cold air hits my bladder I gotta race back in the house, strip down, pee and start all over. No thanks. Even as a child I didn’t care much for outdoor winter activities. An occasional scoot down the hill on a Crazy Carpet was as wild as it got. In elementary school we would go skating at the stadium on Fridays and I dreaded it. My ankles twisted, heels galled and don’t get me started on the Zamboni. I was terrified of that thing. My worst fear was being stuck up at the end of the rink and the buzzer goes off indicating skating was over. Then the Zamboni would start up. Because I was a terrible skater I was frightened that I’d be stuck on the ice and they’d open the door to let the Zamboni out. What did I think would happen? The driver wouldn’t see me as he’s cleaning the ice and I’d get flattened. I guess as a 9 year old I had an active imagination. So I had a choice, either go skating and risk being ran over by the Zamboni or stay behind at school and do work with Ms. Connolly. I’m sure you can guess what I chose! My ankles and heels thanked me for it. As you may know, March 20th was the official start of spring according to the calendar but anyone around here knows that it mightn’t be until late April or May before we start seeing the first buds. The crocuses are blooming in Vancouver so I’m holding out hope for a quick return to sunny days and warm breezes on this end of the country. While we patiently wait for that day to come why not have a look through some of the scenes I managed to capture so far this winter. Occasionally my love of photography overpowers my hatred of winter. 🙂

I thought I’d include a few rare snaps of me taken during the winter, late 70’s to early 80’s. Don’t be fooled by the smile on my face.

Winter blues often have a double meaning. Not only can it mean a sad and depressing time time of year but have you noticed that the environment around us takes on a bluish tone as well? Cooler temperatures make for a cooler colour palette. On the occasions that I do get bundled up for outdoor activities it’s often well worth the hassle when I get home and sort through photos of the winter landscape I’ve captured. The “coolness” often stands out, in both colour and landscape. Here are a few snaps of my latest jaunts.

Smokey gazing out at the snowy day outside. She’s an indoor cat but I’m sure she longs for rays of sunshine streaming in the windows so she can bask in the warm glow.

The snow makes for a beautiful backdrop against the vibrantly coloured homes and shops of downtown St. John’s, as well as a few pops of colour in and around Government House grounds.

Blowing bubbles and letting them freeze is so cool, literally. No two ice formations are the same.

I was quite surprised to look out one day in early March to see this little one flitting around the trees. There were some berries on the bushes in our front yard that it was snacking on. Judging from the size of him there must be an abundance of berries to be had!

You can always count on Pouch Cove for gorgeous scenery and spectacular waves.

Jupiter and Venus graced the early evening skies in early March as well.

Middle Cove and Torbay beaches are spots I like to visit as well. I dropped by there one day a few weeks ago to check out the major wave action going on. In the space of 24 hours the cove was blocked with ice. Even St. John’s harbour was full. It was such an amazing sight, except for the people who decided to get up on the ice ridge for a few pictures. I’m sorry but that’s just dumb; don’t be at it! The chances of the ice shifting and moving are quite high and within seconds you can be swept out and under the ice. That’s my public service announcement for today.

I know the last thing anyone wants to think of right now is Christmas but I felt I had to share these few pictures.

Well, that’s how I saw the world these last few months. As I said, winter can really bring you down but we mustn’t get discouraged because soon enough we will see the last of the winter blues and we will move on to the golden days of summer. For now we’ll have to bask in the memories of warm days gone by and I know that it won’t be long until the smile on my face is a real one, as seen in the summer pictures below!

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  1. Awesome as usual Andrea, enjoyed your blog. For anyone who doesn’t like winter, you had some great pictures.

  2. Beautiful blog as usual , Andrea ! Love seeing the pictures from years gone by . You certainly have a way with words and an for the camera ! Keep the blogs coming !!!

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