Where to Start?

I’ve been thinking a lot over the last little while about what my first photo blog should be about. Yes, I know that I already posted my first one but this will be my official first one. I look at the other “first” blog as an introduction of sorts! So I decided to start off with a few snaps I took in December and at the beginning of the new year, you know “New Year, New Me…blah, blah, blah.” December and January are very busy months for us. Between Christmas parties, get-togethers and birthdays the months are jam packed! As you will see family and friends play a huge role in the festivities.














I really love Christmas. So much sparkle and light, parties, family meals and most importantly, Mom’s massive cookie/cake assortment all made from scratch. This is only a portion of the goodies!



This is an angel that sits on top of Charlotte’s little Christmas tree. As I was taking down our decorations after Old Christmas Day I came across this, a dime lodged in the arms of the angel. I don’t know if you’ve heard the story about finding dimes and the meaning behind it but they say that if you find a dime it’s a sign from a loved one who’s passed on letting you know they’re watching out for you. I didn’t bother asking anyone if they put the dime there, I’d rather not know. I carefully packed the angel away with the dime still tucked in it’s place.







Okay, so I lied a little. I do take pictures of people, as you can clearly see from the snaps above. I don’t post a lot of “people pics” for the reasons I stated in my other post. However, don’t be surprised if your face ends up here. I’d never post anything that was unflattering or embarrassing to anyone. That’s not what this is about. There are a lot of beautiful people in my life, inside and out, and occasionally I might share one or two pics of them.

Anyway, the last photo of the setting moon isn’t really Christmassy but it was taken in mid December and I thought it looked pretty cool except for the pole lines running through the middle of it. *eyeroll*

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  1. Great pictures , Andrea ! Looks like you had an awesome Christmas . Can’t wait to see what’s coming next !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love it! Especially the ‘Angel/Dime’…..that little story made me smile. Hugs to you my Friend….you have a lovely family.

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