Scaredy Cats Beware!

I admit it, I’m a scaredy cat, frightened to death of my own shadow and things that go bump in the night. I’ll sleep with a nightlight on if I’m alone and wouldn’t dream about sleeping with one leg hanging out over the bed. I’ve always been that way. Anyone tells me a ghost story or eerie happening it stays with me for a long time. So, to my surprise I was intrigued by the idea of visiting an old abandoned mill in Glovertown just recently. I’d seen pictures of it over the years and have been drawn to it ever since. So, when we made our way to the Eastport Peninsula for a few days this past week I knew I had to find the mill and do some exploring. By the time we reached our destination it was a hot and humid day with dark, foreboding clouds hovering in the distance. We were waiting for the downpour to start at any minute. That didn’t stop us, however, as we made our way down the dirt road which was in better shape than I had imagined. We caught a glimpse of it through the trees and the excitement/terror started to build…for me anyway. Signs and barricades were posted indicating “No Entry” and “Beware of Falling Debris” but we were rebels and proceeded anyway. We got out and walked down a slight embankment and there it was!

I immediately started snapping pictures, you wouldn’t know but the building was going to get up and run away. Well, I guess the possibility was there that the building could collapse but what were the chances of that happening? Also, being the “good girl” that I am, I was nervous that someone would come by at any minute and scream at us telling us to get off the property or some such thing, after all there were signs warning us to stay away. As time went on I felt more comfortable being there and we started exploring. I had such an eerie feeling the entire time I was there; the air was still, the sky was heavy and you could hear a pin drop which added to the mystery of the place. I was snapping a few pictures of the interior when all of a sudden I saw a little boy darting through the frame of my camera. I got a start, of course, because I hadn’t seen any cars in the area or heard any voices. Turns out it was a boy and a man exploring there as well. It was a little strange as we didn’t speak to each other and I didn’t hear them speak to one another. Then just like that they were gone!

If you want to read more about the mill and why it was abandoned click this link for it’s backstory!

The following are a few pictures I captured of the interior and exterior of the mill. You can click on the pictures for an enlarged version and scroll through them.

Before we went to the site I messaged a friend of mine who is from Glovertown but now lives in St. John’s. I wanted to know what the condition of the road was like, had she been there recently and was it easy to get to. I didn’t hear from her until after my visit when I checked my messages. I’m glad I didn’t read the message until after I’d been there because I probably wouldn’t have gone. Her message said she hadn’t been there since she was about 16 and that we should watch out for “Red Eyes”! Naturally, I had to Google it and was totally creeped out by what I read.

Check out this cool tale by Dale Jarvis for more details on it!

Needless to say when we got back to the cabin I was looking through my pictures, scanning them looking for “Red Eyes”. Thankfully, the only red eyes I found were John’s the next morning…you see, he hadn’t slept a wink the night before because I kept him up half the night snoring. At least the sorted tale didn’t keep me from pleasant dreams like it normally would! Hope you enjoyed my snaps.

Until Next Time!

Andrea In Torbay

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