Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I hate to say it but summer is quickly coming to a close. Seems like we just had “Snowmageddon” then the COVID lock down that seemed to last forever. Finally, the sweet freedom of summer arrived but if you blinked you just may have missed it. We had our share of fantastic weather but feels like a bit of a let down. Maybe because it was later in the summer when we went on “staycation” which included a trip to the Eastport Peninsula and Bonavista; both were amazing. (On a side note we’ve been doing staycations long before the cool kids. See my earlier blog Staycation 😉 )

We had been to Bonavista a number of times over the years but this time seemed different. It had nothing to do with COVID or the restrictions that come with it. In fact it was totally opposite. Wide open spaces, soaring cliffs and endless skies made for a very freeing experience. I guess being housebound for the most part had gotten to me and I didn’t even realize it! Here are a few snaps to demonstrate my point.

We visited a few neighboring towns to take in the sites; Elliston, Trinity and Port Rexton just to name a few. The scenery there is just as amazing, sensory overload.

Not to be upstaged by the puffins and turrs the gulls also put on a show for us. It didn’t hurt that John was throwing crusts of stale bread to them.

We also got to see Bonavista from a completely different perspective when we did a boat tour with I was interested in capturing that one great whale pic springing up out of the ocean but alas it was not meant to be. We saw one whale that came up right behind the boat, stayed for a second or two then disappeared, not even allowing me one sensible snap. I did manage to capture a few other awesome sights, however.

To say we really enjoyed ourselves is a bit of an understatement. The day we left to come back home was overcast and the temperature had dropped significantly, which made it easier to leave… but only slightly. We stopped in Keels to get a look at the Devil’s Footprints and take in another stunning scene as we made our way up the highway.

A number of people we know are heading down the Bonavista Peninsula for their own staycation later this week and early next week. I really wish I could go back with them and take it all in again. Pandemic or not there is no other rock I’d rather be thrust upon than this one here out in the Atlantic ocean where things aren’t so hard after all! Hope you enjoyed my snaps.

Until Next Time,

Andrea In Torbay


  1. Stunning snaps as usual! Makes me want to go back to Bonavista again! That picture of the lighthouse in the dark, it’s just beautiful!

  2. Beautiful as usual , Andrea ! So glad you shared those beautiful pictures ! It almost felt like I was there as I viewed your photos !

  3. Beautiful places to visit Andrea especially when you are as talented as you with the camera! We lived in Bonavista for a couple of years one of the friendliest places you may ever visit. Thanks for all the pictures. Cathy and Dennis

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