Well, it was nice knowing you summer. You were late coming to the party, brought a few nice days with you and in the blink of an eye you up and left us again. That’s how I choose to remember it anyway. Seems like forever ago since we took our summer holidays which was back in mid-July. Not sure what we were thinking as the warm weather doesn’t hit us til the end of July pretty much. We didn’t plan a trip away, we just decided to stay at home and do some things around the local area A.K.A. “staycation”. However, for 2 weeks (…almost) we endured the rain, fog and cooler temperatures. It felt like the only sight-seeing we did was through our kitchen and living room windows. To be fair, we spent our last weekend in Terra Nova National Park, which was spectacular and the weather was perfection! Terra Nova and the Eastport Peninsula never fail to impress.

Now that school is started up again it feels like we are all getting into “fall” mode even though technically fall doesn’t start for a few more weeks. (If I hear “pumpkin spice ANYTHING” one more time I’m gonna flip!) So, I started looking back over some of my snaps that I had taken over the summer and I got to thinking, maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. There were lots of little day trips here and there and for the most part the weather was okay. The fog made for some picturesque backdrops in Petty Harbour and clouds often make way for a dramatic sunset. Check out some of my photos that were taken here, there and everywhere over the last few months and see what you think. Hope you enjoy them!


Bergs in Pouch Cove













Beautiful Torbay!







There’s no camera trick here. The water really did look like this!



























Canada Day we took a little trip to Petty Harbour. 



















Many evenings on the front deck required a woods jacket and warm slippers, LOL!



Canada Day fireworks at Quidi Vidi…a few days late because of the weather.









Middle Cove Beach at dusk



We took a dodge up to St. Vincent’s to see the whales. There were lots to be seen but too far off shore to get a good snap. Capelin on the other hand were insane. I’ve never seen so many before in my entire life!









No summer is complete without a trip to Thomas Amusements!







Back to Petty Harbour. Had to get a pic of that fishing net!















Cape Spear always puts on a good show.





If you ever get a chance, drop by the railway museum in Hr. Grace. Such a wonderful place and so many amazing things to explore inside. It’s like stepping back in time. The town has done a fantastic job transforming the old place. And I hear the tour guides are pretty cool as well 😉















Bay de Verde and around the shore!





























Tossing the Frisbee in Terra Nova





John watching the space station pass through the Big Dipper









Salvage on the Eastport Peninsula















Space station flyby again!































Quidi Vidi at dusk



Lucky turned 11! So naturally we had a party for him and invited two of his BFF’s, Watson and Benson. 













The Caribbean Princess was one of the biggest cruise ships I’d ever seen. It was amazing watching it slip through the Narrows.



















Summer is over. Back to reality and school!



In retrospect the summer was pretty decent but certainly not long enough. I guess that allows us to appreciate it that much more when it finally comes. I hope you enjoyed looking at my snaps as much as I enjoyed taking them.


Until Next Time,


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5 thoughts on “Staycation

  1. Marie

    Beautiful snaps Andrea! You have a great eye for seeing the beauty in things. Hopefully we will have a good winter to make up for the length of our summer! 🤣


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