Bowring Is Never Boring!

Growing up ‘around da bay’ meant that coming to St. John’s was always a treat and you could be guaranteed a full day of excitement! The drive itself was probably an hour and a half on a single lane highway with no passing lanes which meant if you were stuck behind a slow driver or large truck there was not much you could do about it. But once you hit VOCM Valley and saw that big # 1 then you knew you’d finally made it to the big city. The itinerary likely included a trip to the mall, maybe a hospital stop to visit a sick relative or attend an appointment, stopping at McDonald’s for lunch and if you were really lucky you’d get to visit Boring Park. Well, that’s what we called it and occasionally, as an adult, I find myself slipping back into old habits. But let me state unequivocally that Bowring Park is NEVER boring. I don’t spend a lot of time there but when I do my favorite time to visit is the fall. What a show and best of all there’s no admission fee! 🙂 Last week Charlotte and I took a dart over and it did not disappoint. I know I’ve included pictures from the park before in previous blogs but I cannot resist showing you my latest snaps. I always try to focus on something different so that the pictures don’t repeat themselves, but sometimes it’s inevitable and that’s the way it goes. Here are a few of my latest captures.

The next series of photos are not of Bowring Park but taken in the vicinity of Waterford Valley and downtown. Stunning views can be seen from a lookout near Shea Heights.

Every time I drive along Waterford Bridge Road I can’t help but notice the old graveyard resting among the older homes and new builds in the area. I don’t know what it is but there’s just something so appealing about that particular graveyard. I guess it’s the larger, old headstones and cement outlines that add mystery to it whether it’s winter or summer. Fall makes it even more surreal as mature trees located in the cemetery begin their colour change. Charlotte and I visited there a few days ago when the trees were at their most majestic. There, in front of us, surrounded by houses, busy streets and road construction, the graveyard was laid out in all its glory. As we stepped inside it was like everything around us just disappeared and we were in a whole new world. I didn’t know where to look first. It was sensory overload but I immediately started snapping pics. Before leaving I stopped to take a minute and reflect on all those who came before me and said a silent prayer for those at rest in this hallowed place, thankful for every day I have on this earth.


Here is a throwback picture to when our Brownie group took a trip to Bowring Park way back when! I’m not sure what year this was but as you can see the girls are hanging out by the Peter Pan statue at the park. I’m not in the picture so I must’ve been the one taking it perhaps?!? I don’t recall. Maybe someone in the photo remembers and can comment.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your trip to the park and surrounding areas with me and if you ever get the opportunity to take a drive through there you can see for yourself that Bowring is never boring.

Until Next Time!



  1. Fall is indeed the most beautiful season. Thanks for the stroll through the park and surrounding areas.

  2. Always enjoy your blogs. And your pictures of course. The old picture I think I recognize a few of these gals. Tell me if I’m correct. Tracey Keough,Michelle Delahunty, Anne Marie Delaney, and Cynthia . Not sure of the other two.

  3. Needed this today Andrea….life is busy, time is flying by, and no time to just stop, look and read…….THANK YOU for this…I believe God has reached out you with your magnificent talent…thank you for not ignoring him! After all you shared it with us!

    Love to you always Cousin!


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